Q. How can I pay? Payment Methods


We use Crypto Currencies checkout because it is one of the most secure payment gateways in the world and offer buyer protection. Alternatively you can pay with your debit/credit Which will keep track of your personality because we will need a copy of your ID Card to confirm Payment so as to prevent People from using Stolen credit Cards to buy in our system.

During the checkout process you’ll be redirected to a page to upload a copy of your ID Card for processing the payment. just click on . Click here to see payment methods.

Q. Is your payment gateway safe?


A. Security is one of our main concerns. Our website is SSL Encrypted as our back-end system is protected by Shopify. We use Shopify Secured and Paypal Checkout to guarantee your privacy and safety. All orders are covered by buyer protection (read more). We also protect ourselves against fraud transactions using risk prevention models. With these systems in place we make sure that you and us are both safe.

For these reasons, Premium Dolls has been awarded the Trusted Site Certificate and McAfee Secure Payment Certificate. You can see our certificates on the footer of the web page.

Q. I don’t want others knowing I bought a Sex Dolls. Are you Discreet?


A. We take our customers privacy very seriously.

All packages are delivered in discreet packaging; additionally, customer details are sealed within our privacy policy. 

There is no specific indication or labelling on the box that reveals the contents inside.

For international shipments your doll will be labelled “mannequin” (for customs clearance).

Billing statement on your credit card will show a charge from ‘PD.COM’

If you do not want to receive the order at your home, we can always send it to a FedEx/ UPS store for you to pick up at your convenience.

Full legal name must be provided at checkout as delivery may require Photo ID and signature.

Q. How long will it take for my sex doll to arrive?


When you place your order you’ll receive a confirmation email with an order number. We require 2-7 working days for the processing and production of your doll (depending on customization options). Once your sex doll is ready, you will receive a follow up email with a FedEx or Ups tracking number.  – Artificial intelligence AI Sex Robots require 5 – 10 days  for production – 

Shipping will take another 2-7 working days until your order arrives at your doorstep. Read About Our Shipping Policy 

Exceptionally, if a doll does not pass our quality assurance tests or if there is a large number of orders in line (for example in Christmas or Black Friday) there could be slight delays. You can always reach us at support@ai-sexdolls.com or on the live chat on the right hand side of the page to get an update on your order status. 


Q.How long does shipping take?


Once your sex doll has shipped it will arrive within 2 – 7 working days Within USA and and 1 to 3 weeks outside outside US (WORLD WIDE)

When you receive your tracking number, it means your parcel has been handed over to FedEx or UPS and it is no longer in our hands. With this tracking number you will be able to locate your package at all times. You will also be able to schedule to pick up the parcel from a FedEx location at your convenience.

We have had hundreds of happy customers. 97% of our American, Canadian and European customers have received their orders within the scheduled time. Delivering in other countries may take longer depending on customs controls and other variables. 

Q. Can I pick up my sex doll instead of having it delivered to my door?


Yes, of course! We understand the importance of privacy.

If you prefer to pick up your sex doll instead of having it delivered to your home you can schedule to pick it up at your local FedEx or Ups store instead. Simply go to the FedEx or Ups webpage with the tracking number we have provided and select the “pick up at store” option. 

Will you be away for the scheduled delivery date? Use the “hold for vacation” option and select the date you want your parcel delivered. Available for both Ups and FedEx (free of charge)

If you have any questions plesase don’t hesitate to reach out, We’ll be happy to help you with your delivery requirements. 


Q. I am away for the scheduled delivery date. What can I do?


A. No worries! With you tracking number, go to the UPS or FedEx web page and select the “hold for vacation” option. From there you’ll be able to select a new delivery date. You can also arrange to “pick up at store” at your convenience. We can help you with either of these options, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Q. I think I made a mistake in my order details. What should I do?


If there is an error with your details or you misspelled your email address please contact us at support@ai-sexdolls.com or talk to our team via chat. We will resolve the issue immidately. 

After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email (or SMS if you checked out using your mobile number). Here you can check if your details are correctSome email providers might send our emails to the SPAM folder, so please make sure to double-check your spam inbox.  

Q. Are your dolls TPE or Silicone?


All of our Sex dolls are made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) or also known as thermoplastic rubber. TPE is much more realistic to the touch than regular silicone as it closely resembles the texture of human skin.  Each doll is made of medical-grade TPE. This is a non-toxic material made with  the purpose of sexual intercourse in mind. Rest assure our sex dolls are manufactured with the highest quality and without any hazardous chemicals.

Silicone and TPE are both high quality sex materials. Silicone is typically regarded as the more durable material and TPE as the most realistic.  Here are the main attributes of each material. 


  • A bit harder than TPE but also more durable.

  • More expensive.

  • Safe for human contact.

TPE – 

  • TPE is much softer to the touch.

  • More realistic ‘jiggling’ of body parts (breasts, ass, etc).

  • The material is more elastic which allows the dolls to be more flexible at their joints.

  • Good heat retention.

  • Less expensive.

  • Safe for human contact

  • Less durable than Silicone – more care is required to clean and care for it properly.

At Premium Dolls we only manufacture TPE dolls for the ultimate realistic sensation.

Q. What is the difference between removable vagina and the fixed vagina?


A. The built-in or fixed vagina is exactly how it sounds. The vagina is built-in to the doll just like a real woman.  The removable vagina is a “sleeve” or fleshlight-tube you can insert and remove from the doll. The tube is held in place by the doll’s labia. Both types have a textured inside making the vagina extremely realistic to the touch. 

Which is better? Some of our customers prefer the built-in vagina as it provided the most realistic experience, however the removable vagina is easier to clean. If you value complete realism you’ll want to get the built-in vagina. If you prefer easy use/clean you should consider the removable vagina. 


Q. What is an AI Sex Robot?


We now have sex robots with artificial inteligence (AI) that speak, understand and learn from conversations! They are able to move their head and blink their eyes. They are capable of having normal or sexual conversations with you. Read about Artificial intelligence Sex Robot’s features. 

Now at Artificial intelligence sex  Dolls you can Create your own AI sex robot!

Q. Is it safe to have unprotected sex with my sex doll?

A. Yes, of course! – If not, where is the fun? 

As long as you don’t share your sex doll with others, it is fine to have unprotected sex with your doll. Cean your sex doll with a mild antibacterial soap and water after each use. Read Our Sex Doll Care Guide.

Q. Are the Sex Doll materials safe?


Yes! The sex doll materials are so safe you can even have sex with them!

Jokes aside… Each doll is made of medical-grade TPE. We have strict quality controls and tests. TPE is a non-toxic material made for contact with human skin.

The skin on our Sexs dolls are made to resemble the touch of human skin and with the purpose of being used for sex. Rest assured our dolls are manufactured with the highest quality TPE and without any hazardous chemicals.

Q. Hablo español. Tengo preguntas. ¿Podeis ayudarme?

Claro que si! En Premium Dolls te podemos atender en Español. Cualquier duda que tenga puede hablar con nosotros en español por email (support@ai-sexdolls.com) o en el chat online situado a la derecha de la patalla.